A Stock ” Fit ” For the Lady Shotgunner!

The Original Heads Up Shooting System. 20 Gauge Stock Available Now!


Shotgun Stocks Designed For Women

Designed for comfort, function, and easy to use.

Made from Walnut for Great Looks & Durability.

Notice the Head in a more Upright and Comfortable Position.


What do the Ladies Say

Definitely worth the investment!

The stock is easy to hold up to your cheek and squeeze.  There is no kick or harm to bruise your face.  The brunt of the pressure is absorbed by the pad.  It makes for a nice day shooting!  Definitely worth the investment!


I received my stock today. It arrived in great condition. Already put it on the 1100. Wood matched the forarm good. Would never know it was not original. My wife cannot wait until the weather gets better so she can shoot with it.

Earl’s Heads Up Shooting System was an outstanding upgrade to my old but new-to-me 1966 Wingmaster 12 gauge pump. As a new-to-shotguns senior lady, I appreciate the fit and beauty!


The stock was comfortable and made the gun easy to use. The recoil was much more mild than I anticipated. My shoulder and jaw were not sore that day or the next after shooting for about an hour. Earl was a great instructor. He was kind, very informative and always offered encouragement when I wasn’t doing well. I was leery of shouting a shot gun, as my friends had cautioned how it can bruise your shoulder. I was pleasantly surprised with Earl’s stock and how easy it was to hold and shoot the shotgun. We will definitely be back for another lesson!