I am currently a NSCA Level 2 instructor with more than 20 years experience and I provide gun safety lessons and coaching at Drake Landing in Fuquay Varina, NC.  I’ve also provided similar training at Deep River Sporting Clays in Sanford NC.

I am currently a AA shooter and I compete in local, state, and zone shoots. I’ve earned many titles  along the way including All State Team in 2009 and All Zone Team in 2010.

However, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that gun fit is absolutely crucial to good shooting.

This lead to the development of a product that would improve the overall comfort and handling, resulting in better shooting success.

The problem with standard and youth stocks, is that they don’t work very well with women.  Even with low recoil ammo, they still got bruises or struggled to hit the target.

Cut off stocks were only a little better.

Why not use a custom gun stock for better fit?

Good question!  One of the biggest challenges with custom stocks is that they’re very expensive.

The same goes for custom work (which usually includes adjustable combs and adjustable pads, etc.) and that is also expensive to manufacture  AND it requires a lot of custom fitting.  Bottom line: it ain’t cheap!

Same thing with so-called “high end” ladies shotguns.  The cost for these types of stocks are out of reach for the casual shooter.

Basically there was nothing out there. So I decided to develop a prototype myself and soon thereafter, I began test trials to see whether this new design would work. I was really surprised how well my stock worked.  Everyone who’s tested my stock absolutely loves the feel and handling…not to mention the quality of craftsmanship and finish.

The added extra bonus: improved fit and better accuracy!