• Keeps the head in a more upright and natural position  (slightly higher and parallel comb).
  • Keeps the eyes level and looking down the rib (makes shooting more accurate).
  • The toe is turned out and has some positive pitch which keeps it snugly in the pocket and reduces cant . (helps with comfort and also helps keep the eye and rib aligned).
  • I closed the grip for smaller hands and added a palm swell, which makes it feel good in your hands.
  • I also put a roll over type cheek area on the comb (much more comfortable to your cheek).
  • I chose the Limbsaver butt pad because it absorbs recoil very well.

Put all this together and you have a very comfortable stock that does not kick or slap you. The result:

Taking the pain out and putting the fun in.

The stocks I have fit Remington 870 pump 1100&1187 semi automatic 12ga , 16ga , and 20ga STANDARD WEIGHT shotguns.

Now available to fit 20ga LT & LW 870 &1100 and also fits 28ga LT & LW models because these models have a smaller frame.

If you do not know the difference you can email me at e.mclean28ga@gmail.com

Please specify whether you are using the pump or semi auto because they are slightly different, and also indicate whether you shoot LEFT or RIGHT handed.

Now available at a special introductory price for a limited time.