Shooting Lessons

Price of lesson?
1) 17 and older 1-2 people $ 100.00
2) Groups ,$100.00 per hour
3) 16 and under ,priced according to time . Smaller and younger shooters get tired quicker. Usually $50.00
The targets are separate from my fee and will be paid directly to the club. Ammo can be purchased on site or you can bring your own. It is best to bring at least 100 rounds of ammo per person(12 and older) 50 rounds (for younger shooters)
(5) What does a lesson consist of?
1) Beginners SAFETY ,getting familiar with the gun good mount , foot position, and learning to break basic targets.
2) Advanced shooters the focus is still on SAFETY . Foot position ,hold points, reading target lines , planning and executing advanced presentations , focus.etc.

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